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Virtual Farm Field Trips Zoom Recordings

Oct 2, 2020: Welcome To DREC Field Trip

Led by Farm Smart staff, Stacey Amparano, and Stephanie Collins. Join us on the Farm Smart tractor-pulled wagon to see first-hand what is going on here at the University of California Desert Research & Extension Center. If you have never been to a farm before, this is a great place to start! We’ll get our camera up close to see livestock, forage crops, vegetables, fruit orchards, and more. Learn about water, soil, farm equipment all in the context of science, research, and investigation! This introductory field trip is a valuable educational and enrichment experience for students of all ages. Teacher/Parent Resources for DREC Field Trip

Oct 9, 2020: DREC Feedlot Field Trip

Led by Brooke Latack, UCCE Livestock Advisor for Imperial, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties and Pedro Carvalho, UC Davis Feedlot Management Specialist. California is one of the nation's greatest beef-producing states, and beef is the #1 most valuable agricultural commodity in Imperial Valley.  This tour of the DREC feedlot will teach us about how beef cattle are raised.  What do cattle eat, how much water do they drink, what is a Holstein, what is a steer and so much more?  Our tour guides, Brooke Latack and Pedro Carvalho, are researchers with all the latest information about the science of beef. Teacher/Parent Resources for DREC Feedlot Field Trip

Oct. 16, 2020: Scahffner Dairy Field Trip

Visit the cows at Schaffner Dairy in Holtville, CA. Led by Dairy Manager Chase Schaffner. See how dairy cows are fed and milked, learn how Schaffner Dairy cares for their cows, and discover how milk goes from cow to container. Teacher/Parent Resources for the Schaffner Dairy Field Trip 

Oct 23, 2020: Burrowing Owls at DREC Field Trip

Learn about Burrowing Owls in Imperial County as we observe the Burrowing Owls at DREC. Led by Jessica Humes, Environmental Project Manager with IID. Teacher/Parent Resources for Burrowing Owls Field Trip

Oct 30, 2020: Mountain Valley Ranch Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Celebrate the Fall season with a visit to a pumpkin patch in Ramona California. Mountain Valley Ranch is owned and operated by the Battaglia Family. Explore the ranch with Markie Battaglia as she gives us a tour of the Pumpkin Patch and their assortment of pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn. Teacher/Parent Resources for Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Nov. 06, 2020: CA Grown at the Grocery Store Field Trip

What is CA Grown? How do you find California Grown fruits and vegetables at the grocery store? Follow Cher Watte Angulo, chair of CA Grown,  through a local grocery store as we explore how to find California Grown produce in the grocery store and why it is important to buy California grown produce. Classroom activities for teachers.

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Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)

How to Support Our California Farmers

Nov. 13, 2020: Caywood Farms Cotton Field Trip

Today we travel to Casa Grande, AZ to learn about cotton with Nancy Caywood, the creator of the Farm Smart program, as we tour her family farm (Caywood Farms). Teacher/Parent Resources for Cotton Tour Field Trip

Nov 20, 2020: In the Field with Jack Vessey Field Trip

Today we are in the field with Jack Vessey, who oversees Vessey & Company. See cabbage being harvested and learn more about Jack Vessey and Company, a 4th generation produce grower and shipper, located in the Imperial Valley. This family farm grows fruits, vegetables, hay, and grain on more than 10,000 acres. Over 40 different types of fruits and vegetables are grown conventionally and organically. Field Trip Resources

Dec 04, 2020: In the Field with Scott Howingtown Field Trip

Do you know where your food comes from? If you are enjoying leafy greens and vegetables in the winter, it most likely came from the Imperial Valley/Yuma region. Learn about organic farming in Imperial County with a local grower, Scott Howington. Field Trip Resources 

Dec 11, 2020: Kent SeaTech Field Trip

Learn about aquaculture with Eli Amparano, Kent SeaTech Aquaculture Biologist, as we tour California's largest fish farm located in Mecca, CA. Kent SeaTech scientists have provided aquaculture consulting services on more than 200 projects for clients in 40 different countries, involving over 100 different species of fish and shellfish. Field Trip Resources

Dec. 18, 2020: Imperial Ca Olive Mill Field Trip

Today we're visiting a local olive mill to learn how olives become olive oil. Imperial California Olive Mill is a locally owned and multi-generational family-operated farm and mill in the Imperial Valley. From their olive groves to a State-of-the-art Mill, Imperial California Olive Mill produces and bottles California Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Field Trip Resources