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Burrowing Owl Field Trip Resources

Burrowing Owls in Imperial County

Virtual Field Trip

Friday, October 23, 2020 @ 9:30 AM

Resources for Teachers

burrowing owl at Desert REC

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Learn about Burrowing Owls in Imperial County as we observe the Burrowing Owls at DREC. Led by Jessica Humes, Environmental Project Manager with IID.

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Burrowing Owl E-learning resources for teachers and parents

General Information for All Grades:

National Wildlife Federation: Lesson plans for life science, ecology, wildlife biology, scientific identification, and observation. All lesson plans are aligned with the National Science Education Standards.

Burrowing Owl Conservation Network Resources: Publications, Owl Facts, Lesson Plans and Reading Lists, Videos, Sound Clips, Photo Gallery

Burrowing Owl Wildlife Guide

Audubon Field Guide

Grades K-3

Burrowing Owl Coloring Page

Burrowing Owl Drawing Activity

Burrowing Owl Coloring Page 

Grades 4-6

Rockie’s Sagebrush Adventures and Write you Own Owl Prowl Activity   

Grades 7-12

Owl Pellet Dissection 

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Conservatory and Citizen Science:  How to get involved in Burrowing Owl   protection and conservation activities

Video: Create a Burrowing Owl Nest