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Desert Research and Extension Center
Desert Research and Extension Center
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Desert Research and Extension Center

Forage and Agronomic Crops

Comparative Evaluation of Various Gibberellic Acid Inhibitors and Stress Reduction Products to Increase Alfalfa Bloom and Seed Set

Principal Investigator: Michael D. Rethwisch, UCCE Riverside - Palo Verde Valley Office, 760- 921-5064,

This project examines anti-stress and anti-gibberellic acid (GA) products for their efficacy to increase alfalfa seed production.

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Plant growth regulator efficacy against durum wheat crop lodging

Principal Investigator: Oli Bachie, UCCE Imperial County, 442-265-7700,

This project is designed to test lodging and yield enhancement efficacy of two plant growth regulators (both products are in a liquid PGR form) on durum wheat crop under the low desert grower’s cropping practices.


Alternatives to chlorpyrifos for sugarbeet production in the Imperial Valley

Principal Investigator: Stephen Kaffka, UC ANR Specialist, 530-752-8108,

Compare the effects of new, alternative and/or unregistered chemistries with chlorpyrifos on sugarbeets on pests and on crop growth and yields. 


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