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Deember 2021: Fall Program Highlights from Farm Smart (38,964KB)

PDF 12/14/21
Upcoing Fall 2021 Programs at Farm Smart (14,314KB)

PDF 12/14/21
Your Support Matters: Updates from Farm Smart (24,695KB)

PDF 12/14/21
January 2021: Program Recordings Available

PNG 1/11/21
December 2020 Newsletter

JPG 12/15/20
Desert REC and Farm Smart : Support us Today

JPG 12/15/20
#GivingTuesday is tomorrow, will you join us?

JPG 12/15/20
Your gift on Giving Tuesday helps #PushPlayCA on our mission to enhance the quality of life for all

PNG 12/15/20
Save The Date for #GivingTuesda

PNG 12/15/20
Read with a Farmer Recording Available

PNG 12/15/20
Farm Smart Program Updates


PNG 12/15/20
Upcoming Events and Garden-To-Go Kits

PNG 12/15/20
2020 Virtual Read with a Farmer

JPG 12/15/20
Farm Smart Fall Program: Registration Open

PNG 12/15/20
June 2020 Newsletter

JPG 12/15/20
April 2020 Newsletter (3,737KB)

PDF 12/15/20
Spring 2015 UC FARM SMART News (2,571KB)

Winter Visitor Recap and more!

PDF 4/13/15
November/December 2014 UC FARM SMART News (1,680KB) PDF 12/16/14
Sep/Oct 2014 (2,004KB)

Teacher Institute, Food Day, and More!

PDF 11/1/14
July/August 2014 FARM SMART News (2,815KB)



p. 1 – Owls welcome

p. 2 – What’s Growing

p. 4 – Recipe: Sam’s      Smoothie

p. 5 – Heat Wave? What to do with the kids

p. 7 – Sustainability Camp

p. 8 – Winter Visitor Dates now available!

PDF 8/6/14
May/June 2014 (1,939KB)

DREC Field Day, FARM SMART Insect Program, and more!

PDF 6/12/14
April 2014 FARM SMART News (1,702KB)

April 2014 FARM SMART Happenings

PDF 6/12/14
March 2014 FARM SMART News (1,523KB)


 100,000th Visitor! – p. 1

Winter Visitor Season Recap/Photos – p. 2

Teacher’s Corner (Apple Demonstration)  – p. 4

Principal Ag Technician Kay Hamilton celebrates 40 years – p. 5

UC Riverside Chancellor visits the farm – p. 6

UCCE Day of Science – p. 7


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PDF 4/16/14
January 2014 Farm Smart Newsletter

New Manager, FARM SMART to welcome 100,000th visitor

DOCX 4/16/14
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