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Desert Scouts Day Camp

Camp Description

Date: June 20th -July 1st

Time: 8:30am-12:00pm

Location: 1004 Holton Rd, Holtville, CA 92250*

Age: 9 - 12 years old

Cost: FREE

Join us this summer for a 10-day Day Camp at UC Farm Smart. This program will consist of activities ranging from nature exploration to cooking demos and taste tests. We will learn all about the Desert including animals, plants, foods, and the Kumeyaay tribe which has lived in this region of California for over 10,000 years. Each day we will go over a different topic, using exercises, arts & crafts, and other hands-on activities to enrich the lessons!

* The final day will be an optional field trip to The Desert Museum in Ocotillio (transportation not provided)


Day 1: Desert Biomes

From animals and plants to weather and geology - learn about the diversity of the desert.

Day 2: Kumeyaay Land & Natural Resources

Introduction to Native American lifestyles, local tribes, and the natural resources they relied on.

Day 3: Kumeyaay Culture - Master's of the Desert

Explore the culture of the Kumeyaay Nation - learn about their art, homes, tools, and weapons.

Day 4: Discovering Nature - Plants & the 5 Senses

Learn about plants and how to identify useful characteristics using your five senses.

Day 5: Introduction to Food & Nutrients

Build an understanding of nutrients and explore how to use nutrition to make healthy choices.

Day 6: Kumeyaay Diets + Making Bread

Learn about Kumeyaay foods and make flatbreads for the Day 7 cooking activity

Day 7: California Flatbread Cooking & Taste Test

Spend the day gaining hands-on cooking experience.

Day 8: CA Agriculture & Climate

Explore the diversity of California's agriculture and climate.

Day 9: End of Program Ceremony & Party

Join us at Farm Smart for an end of program ceremony where we present participants with certificates.

Day 10: Field Trip to Ocotillo

Meet at the IV Desert Museum in Ocotillo, participate in a Desert nature trail, and tour the exhibits of the museum.


All participants require a signed waiver of liability to participate in University of California Program:

Farm Smart Program Waiver of Liability