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Summer Cooking Academy

Another great FREE opportunity to have fun this summer! Farm Smart and UC Cal Fresh Healthy Living will be hosting a Cooking Academy beginning July 11th for kids/teens ages 7-18. This program will be once a week and is a great introduction into kitchen safety and cooking basics. There is opportunities for teens ages 13-18 to help lead as "Teen Teachers" and they will receive a volunteer certificate upon completion! More information can be found on the flyer or email vlanderos@ucanr.edu for additional questions
Deadline to register is June 30th

Week 1: Teens as Teachers Training

The first week will be for the 13-18 year old participants where you will learn

Week 2: Kitchen Rules & Safety

Understand the importance of rules and safety in the kitchen - learn how to use kitchen tools, cooking terminology, and how to read a recipe.

Week 3: Crispy Tofu + Stir Fry

Practice, prepare, and enjoy a variety of vegetables and new foods.

Week 4: Berry French Toast

Learn about grains and how to make a classic breakfast dish!

Week 5: Rainbow Pinwheel Veggie Wraps

Identify and learn to prepare healthy snacks and beverages at home and school.

Week 6: Creamy Mac & Cheese

Learn to choose healthy food and make a whole wheat pasta dish.

Week 7: Apple Pie Cups

Prepare an easy and quick healthy dessert option