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K-12 Field Trips

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2022-23 Farm Smart Field Trip Flyer

We are excited for another year of Farm Smart K-12 programs!  Our mission is to promote a better understanding of agriculture, the source of our food, fiber, and energy and it's impact on our economy and daily lives, as well as protecting natural resources and cultivating healthy people and communities.

Farm Smart continues our UC CalFresh Healthy Living Program partnership to provide nutrition education as part of our Farm Smart programs. 

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Stacey Amparano, Farm Smart Program Manager

Clarissa Abarca, Farm Smart Educator

 Office: 760-356-3067 | Cell: 760-791-0261

Requests are currently closed for the 2022-23 school year. Please use the following request for the 2023-24 school year

(details of field trip subject to change)

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Field Trip Details:

$5 per person/ $150 minimum per class*

*Limited to 2 classes per session

Program begins at 9:30AM- please arrive 15 minutes prior for check-in

Program ends at 12PM- Picnic Tables available for snacks and/or lunch after


Field Trip Includes:

  • Age and grade appropriate hands-on activities
  • Agriculture themed cross-curricular lessons
  • Farm-to-table food sampling
  • Hayride
  • U-Pick Produce Harvesting (as available)
  • Take home or back to class follow-up activities
  • Picnic tables for snacks and/or lunch
  • Bags for produce harvesting (as available)

*Please bring water for your students*

Pre- and Post-Field Trip Supplemental Videos and Activities:

*More activities coming soon*

The Honey Bee Files


Featuring curriculum from


October: Dairy Program - "Alfalfa is Ice Cream in the Making"

Students will gain an Understanding of the cattle industry, dairy foods, and alfalfa


  • Understand the importance of animal agriculture in our everyday lives
  • Characteristics and anatomy of cattle
  • Visit the feedlot to observe cattle and the foods they eat
  • Milk “Bessie” (our plywood cow)
  • Make butter and taste dairy products (including Ice Cream!)

November - December: "Fall Festival"

Fall is a time of harvest and holidays on the farm


  • Learn about seasons
  • Discover the many uses of corn
  • Learn how to shuck, shell and grind corn
  • Enjoy some Fall snacks
  • Explore a corn maze

March - April: Vegetables - "Veggie-Ventures"

It's always an adventure learning about Vegetables!

Picking lettuce

  • What plants need to grow: sun-seed-soil-air-water-time.
  • Water conservation.
  • The difference between fruits and vegetables.
  • My Plate healthy eating choices.
  • Plus, a hayride to the Farm Smart garden for harvesting winter vegetables (as available)

May: Insects - "The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Beautiful"

Students will learn these small inhabitants of the earth are an interesting subject


  • Identify insects and learn basic insect anatomy
  • Understand beneficial and non-beneficial insects
  • Learn about bees and pollination
  • Learn about pheromones
  • Understand the importance of insect control



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