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Farm-to-School Conference Recordings

San Diego Farm to Institution Center 

Farm to Institution (CHIP) Presentation Slides

Farm to School Curriculum: San Diego County

The Farm to Institution Center (F2I Center, https://f2icenter.org/) is a division of Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP). Established in 1995, CHIP has been a leader in innovative, collaborative solutions to address critical community health issues in the San Diego region. CHIP brings together diverse partners to assess community health needs, educate, and advocate to create policy, systems and environmental change which reduce health disparities. CHIP provides backbone support to plan, coordinate, and support collaborative initiatives to solve our most complex health problems.

The mission of the Farm to Institution Center is to promote healthy local communities and build a vibrant agricultural scene through facilitation, collaboration, and education. Within this work, the F2I Center: 1)  increases access to and consumption of healthy foods in collaboration with school districts, hospitals, and institutional partners. 2)  instills a passion for local healthy food through education, advocacy, and community engagement; 3) supports farmers in the creation of a vibrant, diverse, and growing local agricultural scene.

Keynote Session 1: Antoinette (Toni) Kraft, Senior Program Manager for Farm to Institution Center (CHIP)

Antoinette (toni) Kraft
Toni Earned a BS in Hospitality and Restaurants from Madison University with an emphasis in Agribusiness and culinary destination management. Proud past president of Slow Food San Diego North, Chopra trained Lifestyles and Functional Nutrition Instructor, cooking class teacher with over 7000 students from around the globe and Amazon Best Seller cookbook author.

Farm to Institution (CHIP) Presentation Slides


Keynote Session 2: Dane Peterson, Program Coordinator for Farm to Institution Center (CHIP)

Dane Peterson
Dane earned a B.S. in Kinesiology and Health Promotion and a minor Psychology from California Polytechnic State University, Pomona. In his role with the Farm to Institution Center, Dane leads program coordination, logistics, and brokering of local farm-to-buyer sales.

Farm to Institution (CHIP) Presentation Slides

Keynote Session 3: Natalie Lareau, Program Assistant for Farm to Institution Center (CHIP)

Natalie Lareau CHIP
Natalie earned a B.S. in Environmental Science and began as an intern for the F2I Center, then became Program Assistant during the height of the pandemic. In her role, Natalie leads program curriculum development, direct education, communications, and administrative logistics. 

Farm to Institution (CHIP) Presentation Slides

CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE Imperial County: Agriculture & Nutrition Education Curriculum

Chris Wong
Chris Wong, UC CalFresh Healthy Living, Imperial County

CalFresh Healthy Living, UC Program led this session to introduce four research evidence-based agriculture and nutrition curriculum to support Farm-to-School activities in garden, classroom, field trips, and cafeterias. Farm Smart Program manager Stacey and volunteer lead Stephanie deliver FTS curriculum and field trips opportunities to schools. Christopher Wong is the program supervisor and his team members are Martha and Rigo. Together the team is going to expand their reach to schools and community sites, offering more onsite education, and are ready to collaborate with you and support your Farm to School grant and activities.

Contact Chris Wong at cgowong@ucanr.edu

Imperial County CalFresh Farm-to-School Initiative Presentation Slides

*Link to video coming soon*

Food Safety, From Farm to Fork: Thais Ramos

Thais UC Davis
Thais Ramos is an Associate Specialist in the Department of Food Science & Technology at University of California, Davis. Dr. Ramos earned her Master’s degree (2010) and her Ph.D. (2013) in Food Sciences from the Federal University of Lavras, Brazil. Dr. Ramos has over 7 years of experience in applied research and extension in microbial food safety. Since the start of her professional career in the US, she has been working on science-based extension programs and developing applied research that address food safety from production to the end consumer.

Food Safety Presentation Slides

Food Safety: Produce Best Practices



Contact Thais Ramos at tramos@ucdavis.edu or visit the website: https://ucsmallfarmfoodsafety.ucdavis.edu


Nick Anicich, CDFA Farm to School Program Manager

Nick Anicich is the Farm to School Program Manager with the California Department of Food and Agriculture, where he manages the California Farm to School Incubator Grant Program, Farm to Community Food Hub Grant Program, and the California Urban Agriculture Grant Program. Before coming to CDFA, Nick worked as a school garden and culinary teacher, as well as a local food system organizer. He lives in Sacramento with his wife and two children. 

Contact Nick at nicholas.anicich@cdfa.ca.gov or cafarmtoschool@cdfa.ca.gov

"Planting the Seed" Presentation Slides

Calexico High School Eco Garden Club: Keren Lee-Araiza

Keren Lee Araiza, a recent graduate of Calexico High School, shares the success of the Eco Garden Club.

Michelle Taylor, Brawley Union High School Agriculture Instructor

Michelle Taylor, a teacher with Brawley Union High School, shares her school garden.