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DREC Feedlot
DREC's facilities include a main office building with a laboratory and a general purpose room, greenhouses, a plant and soil processing laboratory, mechanic's shop, numerous storage buildings, three walk-in refrigerated coolers, an insect-rearing facility, a weather station, a fully automated sprinkler area, and a reservoir used for water storage and irrigation water conservation. Assorted farm equipment and specialized small-plot equipment such as Winterstieger and Carter harvesters are available for researcher use.

4-H Plant Show at Community Day
The Center is home to one of the largest University research feedlot cattle facilities in the United States in terms of pen replication and feedmill flexibility. It has 106 pens with a 700-head capacity feedlot, a metabolism barn, and a fully-operational feedmill with specialized machinery required for milling operations.

The Center also has single-family residences and dormitories for researcher and visitor use.